Automatic Film Packaging Machine

Features and usages
The machine adopts microcomputer control system, hot sealing and cutting temperature stability, automatic packaging, automatic protection device accurately,
With frequency conversion stepless speed regulation control, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.
Is a small bag (box) transparent membrane folds the ideal packaging equipment.
The packaging anti-counterfeiting, moisture; Improve the grade of products, improve product added value, improve the product appearance decoration effect.
Suitable for all kinds of small square appearance decoration items in a box, packing.
Such as cigarettes, tapes, square battery, cards, transparent soap, eraser, chewing gum and so on the shape of the corresponding food,
Drugs, health care products, daily necessities, chemical products, electronic appliances and other products.
  Technical Data   GBZ-130B
Film Packaging Machine
Packaging materials
OPP membrane
Heat sealing shrink film
PVC membrane
Packing speed
30-100 package/min
Packing size(mm) length 60-130 width 40-100 thickness 10-40
Power Supply
220V 50HZ
Total power
About 750Kg
Overall dimensions(mm) 2000x700x1450