Punching Machine
Features and usages
LPM Series punching machine is mainly product of our company.
It is Suitable for the production of labels, playing cards, aluminum plastic, New year card, notebook,
envelopes of any design or size.with an average production of about 900.000 production of high precision hourly.
This machine adopts hydraulic pressure system.
with a push-cubeself-adjusting to every position of the"V"holdwhere the pack is positioned
the working table has a photoelectric cell which gives maximum safety to the operator and allows
a quick change of the follow punch and is adaptable both forlow and medium production.
The working process is completely stability.The die cutting products surface is smooth, and the size is unified and regular with high precision.


  Technical Data LPM-150 LPM-220 LPM-280   LPM-400   LPM-500
  The max. cutting size
150x150mm 190x190mm   270x270mm   340x340mm
The min. cutting size
55x40mm 55x40mm 90x70mm   120x120mm   150x150mm
Cutting stroke
200mm 200mm 200mm   200mm   200mm
Nominal force
16KN 30KN 40KN   50KN   50KN
  Work speed
12000sheets/min 12000sheets/min 12000sheets/min   12000sheets/min   12000sheets/min
  Motor power
1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw   4kw   4kw
  Net weight
300kg 360kg 560kg   900kg   1140kg
  Packing size (mm) 1200x850x1400mm 1450x850x1500mm 2300x850x1600mm   2500x1040x1660mm   2700x1140x1860mm
*Extra-large machine according to customer needs. (The maximum cutting size can be 450x450mm)
Range of application