Paper Wetting Machine

Features and usages

SR paper wetting machine is sprays moistly the rotary web press menses, the elimination unnecessary moisture, after causing the paper achieves the stipulation moisture content, then coils the paper drum, for working procedure use.
Moist machine is lives bears fruit the bag paper, Gela leads the paper, industrial used electric capacity mouth paper, high paper, onionskin paper, food packing paper, medical packing paper, paper's and so on firecrackers packing paper essential supplementary equipment.
My factory moist machine by delivers the paper frame, moist roller.
Rolled paper installment composition.
Delivers the paper frame to be loaded with the magnetic powder system to talk.
The moist roller is composed of the high and low two oak rubber roll, around has the paper carrying roll, before the oak rubber roll, has the spray header, under the roller has the water trough, the upper roll leads by the air cylinder, may rise and fall, on a paper carrying roll is loaded with measures the fast mouth. The rolled paper installment leads by Φ800 rubber bowls, the rolled paper axis both sides have the hoop, puts on the both sides guide rail, two air cylinders contract the rolled paper axis after the main arm head pulley, abuts in the rubber bowl side, carries on the rolled paper work.

  Technical Data   SR-1250 SR-1950
  Paper Wetting
Width of paper 1092mm 1760mm
Width of roll 1250mm 1950mm
Working speed 200-250m/min 200m/min
Maximum diameter of paper 1200mm 1200mm
Maximum diameter 1200mm 1200mm
Total power 7.7(5.5+2.2)kw 10.5(7.5+3)kw
Machine size 6300x3300x2000mm 6300x3950x2000mm
Roller calender

Features and usages

ZG Seven Rollers Calender Machine is able to create smooth pressure flint paper.
ZG Seven Roller Calender Machine is able to withstand line pressure due to radical direction distortion and the different velocity in the deformation range,
which causes paper glide and friction in the bowls.
This process creates a cluster group to reduce the friction which will enhance the paper's smoothness, glossiness and thickness uniformity to the customers target requirement.
The Seven Rollers Super calender Machine is suitable for retouching the offset paper, writing paper, fruit bag paper, cellophane, and condenser paper,
label backing paper, card paper,two-sided rubber card middles paper and industrial used paper.

  Technical Data   ZG-1194
  Roller calender Width of paper 1194mm
  Working speed 150-200m/min
  Magnetic brakes Magnetic powder brake
  Maximum diameter of paper 1200mm
  Maximum diameter of roll of paper
  Power 38.5kw

Range of application