Roll Memo Pad Gluing Machine
Features and usages
The roll memo pad coating machine mainly used for Sticky Notes gluing, is the production of paper roll coating and adhesive coating,
double circulation drying, one-time forming products.
for Sticky Notes, stickers, notepad, posted, advertising paper brick, slope shaped Notepad, notepad.
Behind the product each coated with removable adhesive, which not only can be on any surface paste,
And can be easily removed without leaving any residue, not to hurt the stuck surfaces, more reusable.
Because of this, the product is widely used in the message, memo, classification, notes, index, mark, index and other purposes.
For business, school, family and the mobile office memo memo application areas such as major changes,
Also as a new advertisement carrier units spread CI culture and play the most incisive effect
It is a message, memo, the ideal equipment to communicate with each other.
  Technical Data   RGST-850
  Roll Memo Pad
Gluing Machine
The coating width
Speed of coating
Oven temperature
Max temperature 80℃
Heating mode
Stainless steel heating tube
Coating method
Anilox roller
Total power 45KW