Sticky notes glue & silicone
Jay-8728 sticky notes glue is used in the sticky notes producing process,
it can be used for stickers、post-it、memo pad、self-adhesive pad. It is water base glue and environmental protection glue.
Silicone is for avoiding damage the printing surface when you take a piece of paper.
Used for the production of stickers、sticky notes、post-it、self-adhesive、memo pad.
Application & usage
Sticky notes glue must be stored before using. In order to avoid the molecule stand inhomogeneous during the coating process,
it is for making stable quality. Some water will be substrate during the coating process,
if the glue became ropy, you can put some water into the glue and mix it. but not too much (no more than 10%).
Package size and weight
40cm*40cm*60cm (L*W*H) 50kg/bucket